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December 2018

FlameTech FRTW spec now available on

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Good Afternoon! I wanted to briefly share with you all that the FlameTech FRTW 3-Part specification is now available online via You can visit our sponsored pages and content by selecting from either of the two links below:

Flameproof Companies profile page:

FlameTech FRTW 3-Part Spec:

If you’re simply looking for FlameTech FRTW technical information, code reports, supporting docs, or whatever you might need to get our product specified or approved for your upcoming job, please visit the FlameTech Technical Specifications section at by visit this link:

*Note – there are 4 tabs available with specific content on each tab: (1) Code reports, (2) Fire-Rated Assemblies, (3) Safety Data Sheets, (4) Product Brochure.

ALL of the information required for “submittal” to the Building Code Department, AHJ, Code Official, Inspector or Fire Marshall can be found here. If for some reason you cannot find what you need, please contact for more information.