Tim Cole Chicago Flameproof
Inside Sales Manager

Tim Cole

Tim Cole has served as Chicago Flameproof’s Inside Sales Manager since March 2018. For more than a decade, Tim worked as a journeyman carpenter for a major general contractor in Chicago, and then in sales for a construction materials vendor, and it was during this time that he first became familiar with The Flameproof Companies. And while it was his past that Tim credits for his introduction to Chicago Flameproof, Tim will be the first to tell you that his reason for joining the company full time in 2018 was all about the future.

“What’s most exciting to me about the company is the future, the R&D side of the business,” says Tim. “Other companies seem to be good with the status quo. We’re not necessarily into changing things, but we are into finding ways to make them better, that will lower costs for customers, and solve challenges that they’re facing in the field through our product innovation.”

As Inside Sales Manager, Tim manages the Chicago area sales team, generating new business and fostering ongoing client relationships and projects. As a manufacturer of fire retardant and preservative treated lumber, as well as a supplier of building materials, Chicago Flameproof’s client base ranges from large distributors to individual local contractors.

“Chicago Flameproof is like a diamond: lots of different facets,” says Tim. “We manufacture fire retardant lumber, preservative treated lumber, we sell to big distributors, and we’re a supplier of building materials for all of our local contractors. Because we manufacture it, we’re able to give customers the best products, fast, and at a better price because we’ve cut out the middleman.”

He continues, “Some local suppliers have delivery hours from 7 am to 3 pm. At Chicago Flameproof, we ask, ‘What time do you want it there?’ We’ll deliver at 2, 3, 4 in the morning if that’s what the contractor needs. Our guys work hard, our guys believe in customer service, and they’ll do anything to make the customer happy.”

When he’s not at work, Tim enjoys golfing and camping, and renovation projects around the house. He also enjoys watching baseball and visiting different MLB parks around the country.  Tim and his family reside in Lasalle-Peru.