Fire Retardant OSB Sheathing

MagTech™ Fire Retardant OSB Sheathing is a patent-pending, code compliant, fire retardant, non-combustible wood panel system that incorporates the extraordinarily flame and heat resistance of magnesium oxide with the structural ability and overall utility of OSB to create a uniquely high performing fire-resistance rated structural sheathing product.
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What the Industry Has Become Accustomed to…

Fire retardant treated plywood, using pressure impregnated chemicals, has been around for decades and does a good job of mitigating flame spread, but has limitations in its use with multi-hour exterior load bearing wall assemblies that have become the new norm in today’s building codes. More recently, fire retardant OSB has come to market using spray application of magnesium oxide as a means of decreasing heat transmission, thus becoming an option in multi-hour wall assemblies, where historically fire retardant plywood has not.

Meet MagTech

The Obvious Choice for Contractors

MagTech is different and the resulting product is an extraordinarily high performing fire retardant OSB sheathing that offers a variety of assembly options not previously available with other fire retardant sheathings. MagTech™ provides protection against fire damage through the use of a magnesium oxide layer that significantly decreases flame and smoke spread. Ideal for load-bearing building applications, MagTech™ Fire Retardant OSB Sheathing can be used in the same way that traditional OSB is used but provides serious protection against fire damage and is a more environmentally friendly solution.

Code Reports:

Compliance & Life Safety Documents

MagTech™ OSB is the obvious choice for contractors wanting to meet strict building requirements with ease (ASTM E84 OR UL 723), and can be used in fire-rated wall applications (ASTM E119 OR UL 263), as well as for fire retardant structural sheathing on exterior and interior walls, pitched roofs, flat roof decks, and floors. MagTech™ offers superior performance adding both support and quality to your building with both increased fire resistance and improved structural capacity in a single panel.

1 & 2 Hour

Fire-Resistance Rated

Wall Assemblies

MagTechTM Fire Retardant OSB Sheathing has a family of four certified exterior bearing wall assembly listings that interlace seamlessly to offer a fully upgradeable system from 1-2hr (from exterior) + 1-2hr (from interior) without the use of mineral wool or high-density insulation. This system offers a cost-saving, value engineered solution to the traditional alternatives.

2-Hr. Exterior Bearing Wall Assembly:

2-Hr (Interior) & 2-Hr (Exterior)

2-Hr. Exterior Bearing Wall Assembly:

2-Hr (Interior)

2-Hr. Exterior Bearing Wall Assembly:

1-Hr (Interior) & 2-Hr (Exterior)

1-Hr. Exterior Bearing Wall Assembly:

1-Hr (Interior)

Where/How to Buy

MagTech™ Fire Retardant OSB Sheathing is manufactured here in the U.S. at a variety of points across the country to suit your project needs in the most cost-effective manner possible. Checkout our manufacturing & distribution points….. We invite your inquiries so that the many benefits of MagTech™ Fire Retardant OSB Sheathing, as well as the properties of magnesium oxide board, can be explained and demonstrated. Your project will appreciate it and so will your customer!

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