Lumber and Plywood

FSC® Certified Lumber and Plywood (treated and untreated) for all of your FSC or LEED projects.
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FSC Certified Lumber and Plywood

The “GREEN” movement is firmly establishing itself with owners who are demanding environmentally responsible design and construction, and there are many new standards to be met in earning LEED points. One way to earn LEED points is using FSC® Certified material.
FSC® Certified stands for the Forest Stewardship Council®.
FSC® certification ensures that lumber is grown, harvested, and milled, responsibly from the forest to the end user. FSC® Certified lumber can be somewhat hard to find, but Flameproof Companies keeps FSC® Certified material in stock at our various locations being that we are uniquely qualified to fire retard or preservative treat FSC credited lumber and plywood. By virtue, this eliminates wasted time, as well as multiple cost mark-ups, allowing us to offer better service at more competitive pricing. Did we mention that all of our sales associates are very knowledgeable about FSC® Certified lumber & plywood, as well as the LEED system?
FSC® Certified Special Orders are also available to suit your project and/or end-user’s needs.
Flameproof Companies is FSC® chain of custody certified. This certification ensures that a company’s forestry practices are independently and objectively evaluated to meet the standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council®.