Building Envelope


A stable building envelope keeps heating and air conditioning inside a home or other building structure and is therefore responsible to maintaining a comfortable environment inside the building. A properly working building envelope also keeps rainwater out, which is essential to protecting the building from costly moisture damage.

Almost 40% of the energy produced in the United States is wasted through the building envelope resulting in energy insufficiency. In attempt to be more environmentally friendly, many building codes and regulations are requiring contractors to use more energy efficient materials to construct a new building. Flameproof Companies has the products you need to meet the requirements of these regulations. We offer MagBoard™ products that are known for their energy efficiency and promote healthy building envelopes that efficiently work to keep moisture out and the desired temperature in.

Flameproof Companies works hard to ensure that you have convenient access to the materials you need to create an energy efficient building. While we have convenient locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia and Texas, we also offer onsite product delivery to locations throughout the nation for your convenience.

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