Chicago Fire Retardant Lumber


Flameproof Companies is the trusted provider for Chicago fire retardant lumber. We manufacture exterior fire retardant wood products at our Chicagoland treating facility in addition to stocking a full line of fire retardant wood products, all of which can be immediately shipped to onsite locations throughout the United States.

Fire retardant lumber is essential to creating a safe building and is a required building material for commercial buildings under many building codes and regulations. Fire retardant lumber can be used in any way that untreated wood is used and is workable with common woodworking tools.

The major difference between the two types of wood is that fire retardant wood burns more slowly than the untreated wood products, which offers many safety benefits. For one, it gives occupants of a building more time to safely evacuate a building, which could ultimately save lives. Additionally, the wood’s fire retardant capabilities can minimize fire damage because the fire can be detected and extinguished at an earlier stage.

In addition to supplying Chicago fire retardant lumber, Flameproof Companies also has convenient locations in Texas, Wisconsin, and Virginia. For more information on any of Flameproof Companies’ wood products or to request a quote, please call (866) 884-7591.