Chicago Fireproof


Are you looking for Chicago fireproof wood products? If so, please continue reading on!

If you are building in the Chicago area, Chicago fireproof wood products are an important upgrade to make when building! These products have been treated with fire retardant preservatives. Because of the treatment, this wood would burn more slowly than untreated wood would burn in the unfortunate case of a building fire.

If you are not in the Chicago area, it is still very important to build with fireproof products! Chicago Flameproof wants to make sure that everyone is able to build with these amazing products. Not only do we have four branches nationwide, but also deliver to anywhere in the United States! There is no reason not to build with fireproof wood products.

If you have any questions about our Chicago fireproof products or anything else at all, please feel free to give us a call at any of our branches! We would be more than happy to answer questions that you may have and assist you in finding the products best suited for your building needs! You can reach us at at (866) 884-7591.