Energy Codes


When constructing a building, contractors are required to meet more fire and energy codes than ever before. Energy codes are essential to ensuring that buildings are remaining a certain level of energy efficiency. In addition, fire codes help to ensure that buildings and their inhabitants are protected against any potential fire that may break out. To help contractors meet mandatory fire and energy codes, Flameproof Companies offers MagBoard™ products that are resistant to fire, termites, and water damage.

MagBoard™ products can double a building’s energy efficiency at 50% of the cost in half the construction time. What’s great about MagBoard™ is that it positions a building’s insulation on the outside of the building’s frame, which helps keep moisture outside of the building envelope. In return, the building will experience less water damage, including rotting.

For all you MagBoard™ needs, turn to Flameproof Companies. We supply MagBoard™ products to help you adhere to all your energy codes. With convenient locations throughout the United State in Illinois, Michigan, Oregon and Wisconsin, Flameproof Companies is a national provider of responsible building materials. In addition, we also offer onsite product delivery to locations throughout the United States.

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