Exterior Fire Rated Lumber


Flameproof Companies is a top provider of exterior fire rated lumber in the nation. Exterior fire rated lumber is used for specifications of a building that receive a lot of direct sunlight and have high exposure to the elements. Exterior fire retardant wood products can help minimize the likelihood of the building catching fire as result of these factors.

However, if the building or structure does catch on fire, the chemical preservatives used to make the A fire retardant will allow the wood to burn more slowly, which minimizes fire damage by allowing the fire to be detected and extinguished at an earlier stage than untreated wood allows. The most important benefit of fire retardant wood is arguably that it gives a building’s occupants of a building more time to safely evacuate, which can ultimately save lives. For this reason, fire retardant wood products are required under many building codes.

With locations in Illinois, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Texas, Flameproof Companies is located throughout the nation. However, we realize that these locations may not be conveniently located for everyone. That’s why we also offer onsite delivery.

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