Exterior Fire Retardant Wood Products


Exterior fire retardant wood products are used for specifications of a building with high exposure to the elements and high humidity. Because of the regular exposure these exterior specifications receive from these harsh elements, they are at risk for fire danger. For these specifications, Flameproof Companies’ exterior fire retardant products are the products of choice.

We manufacture out exterior wood products in our Chicagoland facility, and they are available for immediate shipment to worksites across the nation. We offer onsite delivery services for any size order via forklift, crane service, or vehicular means.

Flameproof Companies provide best in class exterior wood products. Our exterior fire retardant products have been submitted to ASTM D2898 for accelerated weather tests as well as to ASTM E84 testing for surface burning characteristics. However, our exterior fire retardant products are not rot resistant. Therefore, we suggest using cedar fire retardant wood products for outdoor applications, as this species is naturally rot resistant.

Our exterior wood products have a clear finish but they can be stained with a water-based stain or painted with a latex-based paint. Some common applications for exterior fire retardant wood products include decks, siding, and patios.

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