Exterior Fire Retardant


The exterior of any building is at risk of damage from the elements and high humidity, which makes exterior fire retardant lumber such an important material for any building project. Chicago Flameproof offers lumber and plywood options to protect your structure against fire and offers nationwide shipping.

Our exterior fire retardant wood products have all undergone ASTM E84 testing for surface burning characteristics as well as ASTM D2898 accelerated weathering tests. Our quality exterior fire retardant lumber can be used in virtually any way that untreated wood is used; the only difference is that fire retardant wood has been treated to be resistant to fire, making it the obvious best choice for building materials.

Why Choose Chicago Flameproof

When you choose Chicago Flameproof for your exterior fire retardant lumber and plywood, you’re choosing a company with over 40 years of experience in the industry. You’re also choosing a company that offers:

  • Superior building materials that are fire resistant and affordable.
  • Low turnaround times.
  • Nationwide shipping.
  • Locations in IL, OR, TX and WI

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