Exterior Fire Treated Lumber



Being safe is one of the most important qualities a building can possess. Part of being a safe building means being fire resistant. Exterior fire treated lumber is an essential product to creating to making sure that this safety is reached.

When constructing a building, it is important to use exterior fire treated lumber so that the building is protected from fire. This type of lumber is used for areas that have a lot of exposure to high humidity and the harsh elements. Exterior fire treated lumber can withstand these conditions while still maintaining a fire rating.

Exterior fire treated lumber is created by applying a chemical preservative to the lumber that slows the oxidation process that occurs when the lumber is burned. The chemical preservative that creates the fire resistant properties has more benefits than just creating a fire resistant product; it also act as a repellant to fungi and insects that may try to destroy the wood. However, exterior fire treated lumber is still completely safe to use.

Flameproof Companies are dedicated to making exterior fire treated lumber convenient and easy to use. Flameproof Companies offer onsite delivery to sites across the nation so that construction companies have easy access to the fire retardant lumber.