Exterior Fire Treated Plywood


Exterior fire treated plywood is used for areas of a building that have a lot of exposure to the elements and to high humidity. It is especially important to use exterior fire treated plywood on these areas because they are often the first part of a building to catch fire. Exterior fire treated plywood used by Flameproof Companies can withstand these harsh conditions while still maintaining a fire rating.

Flameproof Companies’ exterior fire treated plywood has been submitted to ASTM E94 testing for surface burning characteristics. Additionally, the product has been submitted to ASTM D2898 accelerated weathering tests. These results of these tests have proven the high quality and abilities of Flameproof Companies’ exterior fire treated plywood.

The exterior fire treated plywood that is available at Flameproof Companies has a clear finish. However, the wood can be stained or painted just like untreated plywood. Actually, exterior fire treated plywood can be used in any way that untreated plywood is used. It is a great product that ensures a safe building.

Whether it is a big load or a small one, exterior fire treated plywood is available for immediate shipment. Flameproof Companies will even ship it to your worksite so that you can build responsibly.