Fire Rated Plywood


Fire rated plywood is an important material to any building. Fire rated means that that plywood will burn more slowly than untreated wood, which carries many safety benefits. First of all, the slowed burning process will potentially decrease the amount of fire damage the building will experience because the fire can be identified and contained at an earlier stage. Most importantly though, the slowed burning process that fire rated plywood brings allows occupants of a building to have more time to safely evacuate if a fire is to break out. This is the most important feature of fire rated plywood because it can ultimately save lives.

For all your fire rated plywood needs, turn to Flameproof Companies. We are committed to safe and responsible building materials and practices. We do our best to make fire retardant and responsible building products readily available to our clients. That’s why we have convenient locations throughout the United States in Wisconsin, Illinois, Oregon, and Texas in addition to offering onsite product delivery to locations throughout the United States. It’s our goal to see all buildings being created with responsible building materials.

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