Fire Resistant Exterior Plywood


Chicago Flameproof stocks fire resistant exterior plywood that helps protect building against devastating fire damage. This plywood has been treated with preservatives that slow down the burning process, which allows it to burn very slow. This creates extra time for identifying and extinguishing the fire as well as evacuation.

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About Our Exterior Fire Resistant Plywood

Our plywood is treated in our Chicagoland facility, and has a clear finish that can be stained or painted. Our lumber has been submitted to ASTM E84 and ASTM D2898 for accelerated weathering, and it can be used in virtually any way that untreated exterior plywood is used.

Short Turnaround, Quick Delivery

Because we treat our products in-house, we are able to provide short turnaround times so you will receive your order quickly and on time. We have four locations in Illinois, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin and we can ship our in-stock items to locations within 100 miles of each of these locations within 24 to 48 hours, typically. However, we do offer nationwide shipping with low turnaround times as well.

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