Fire Retardant Building Materials


Using fire retardant building materials is a way to ensure the safety of a building and its occupants. Fire retardant materials, such as fire resistant lumber, are treated with chemical preservatives that help to slow down the process of oxidation that occurs when the lumber is burned. In effect, the wood products will burn more slowly. This will give occupants of the building more time to safely evacuate, which could help save many lives. The increase in the time it takes for the wood to burn can also minimize fire damage, as emergency services will be able to reach the fire at an earlier stage.

Flameproof Companies offers a full line of FlameTech fire retardant wood products. The lumber can be used in any way that untreated wood is used, such as in the construction of trusses, beams, and paneling. Additionally, the fire retardant wood products can be painted or stained.

Flameproof Companies has convenient locations in Illinois, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Texas. However, Flameproof Companies offers onsite delivery to worksites across the nation, making it easy for construction companies to have access to fire resistant lumber in order to create a safe building.

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