Fire Retardant Exterior Lumber


Fire retardant exterior lumber is used for specifications of a building or project that have a lot of exposure to the elements or high humidity. For these specifications, Flameproof Companies’ fire retardant exterior lumber is the product of choice.

Our fire resistant exterior wood products’ surface burning characteristics have been submitted to ASTM D2898 for accelerated weathering test.  In addition, our products have also been submitted to ASTM E84 tests for characteristics of surface burning. We submit our products to these tests to make sure that they measure up to the highest standard of safety.

Flameproof Companies is dedicated to providing clients with easy access to safe building products. We manufacture our exterior fire products at our Chicagoland treating facility, but they are available for immediate shipment for orders of any size. Flameproof Companies are located in Illinois, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin, and we offer onsite delivery to locations throughout the United States.

Although our exterior fire products have a clear finish, they can be stained with a water based stain or painted with a latex based paint. Some common applications in which fire retarded exterior wood products are used include siding, decks, gazebos, and sheds.

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