Fire Retardant Lumber Pricing



Looking for affordable fire retardant lumber? Chicago Flameproof offers low fire retardant lumber pricing, and our products are of the highest quality. Our lumber has been treated with preservatives that cause the wood to burn more slowly than untreated wood, which dramatically minimizes damages caused by fire and allows occupants to have more time to safely evacuate in the case of a fire.

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Fire Retardant Lumber Options

We’re a high-quality lumber provider, but we don’t compromise affordability. We treat our own FSC wood, which allows us to keep costs low. We offer a few different lumber options, including:

In addition to lumber, Chicago Flameproof also offers additional responsible building materials, such as drywall and MagBoard structural insulation panel systems.

Shipping Lumber Quickly throughout the United States

We ship our lumber to customers throughout the nation, and we ship it quickly. We have three locations throughout the United States in Wisconsin, Texas, and Illinois, which helps aid short delivery times. You can contact us at our different locations through the following numbers:

  • Chicago Flameproof—(866) 884-7591
  • Wisconsin Flameproof—(866) 884-7593
  • North Texas Flameproof—(866) 884-7594
  • Pacific— (971) 600-7570

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