Fire Retardant Lumber


Safety is of the utmost importance especially when it comes to construction a building. Fire retardant lumber is the foundation to responsible and safe construction. By using fire retardant lumber, you will be employing one of the best and easiest ways to protect a home or building against major fire damages.

To create fire retardant lumber, a chemical preservative is applied to the lumber that slows the oxidation process that occurs when it is burned. This causes the lumber to burn more slowly so that there is more time available for people to safely evacuate.

Chicago Flameproof offers fire retardant lumber that can be used just like untreated lumber. A full line of FlameTech fire retardant lumber is available through Chicago Flameproof. This lumber is durable, paintable, stainable, and easy to handle. FlameTech is so confident in the quality of its fire retardant lumber that it comes with a warranty. Can you say that about your untreated lumber?

Because Chicago Flameproof is devoted to safe and responsible construction, they offer on-site delivery to construction sites throughout the country. Their goal is to make buying and using fire retardant lumber easy and convenient for contractors regardless of their location.