Fire Retardant Plywood in Chicago


Flameproof Companies offers top-of-the-line fire retardant plywood in Chicago in addition to supplying a full line of FlameTech fire retardant lumber. By offering responsible building materials, Flameproof Companies hopes to promote responsible construction.

Fire retardant plywood can be used in any way that untreated plywood is used. Virtually the only difference between the two types of plywood is that fire retardant plywood has been treated with a chemical preservative that helps to slow down the process of oxidation that occurs when wood is burned. In effect, the plywood will burn more slowly, which can minimize fire damage by allowing a fire to be detected and extinguished at an earlier stage and, more importantly, give occupants of a building more time to safely evacuate.

In addition to offering fire retardant plywood in Chicago, Flameproof Companies has additional locations in Wisconsin, Oregon and Texas. However, we realize that it may be difficult for some companies to conveniently access these locations. In order to best serve our clients and ensure that contractors have convenient access to responsible building materials, we offer onsite delivery for contractors across the United States.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at (866) 884-7591.