Fire Retardant Plywood in Chicago


Fire retardant plywood in Chicago is one of the many products Flameproof Companies has to offer. Providing various way to ensure that your company is safe and secure is the main reason why Flameproof Companies is in the business. Disaster can strike at any time, and Flameproof Companies wants to have your back.

Fire retardant wood has been something that new businesses (and veteran businesses) are seeking out. With fire-retardant plywood in Chicago, Flameproof Companies has diversified their portfolio and has created a new market segment for customers to seek out and buy.

With plywood being regarded as one of the most widely used wood products, Flameproof Companies wanted to make it fireproof. Providing customers with fire retardant plywood in Chicago offers a new, innovative way to physically build a business.

Flameproof Companies has been a trusted business since 1971 and will work closely with its customers to provide a trusting and dependable business relationship. Our staff is very well knowledgeable and will answer any questions that may come up.

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