Fire-retardant plywood


With protective fire-retardant plywood your business can go from average to great. Flameproof Companies have been providing successful businesses with flame retardant wood since 1971. It is our duty to ensure that business owners everywhere have the opportunity to build their buildings with fire-retardant plywood and other flameproof wood.

With a friendly, knowledgeable staff Flameproof Companies can help you understand the differences between non-flame retardant plywood and flame-retardant plywood. Selling fire proof lumber is our specialty, and with our helping hand, your building can be flameproof.

Accidents are inevitable, and repairing a building damaged by fire is tough and costly. Why take an added risk by building the foundations of your building with regular sheets of plywood? Our fire-retardant plywood will help assure that your building will be protected against costly fire damage. We not only sell fire-retardant plywood, but we also take the time to educate our customers on the product and answer any questions they may have.

Flameproof Companies have been dealing with fire retardant lumber for 42 years and have continued to be on top of the newest trends in fire-retardant plywood and lumber.

For any questions about Flameproof Companies or the products it provides, call (866) 884-7591.