Fire Retardant Treated Lumber


Using fire retardant treated lumber is an essential part of creating a safe and fire resistant building. Fire retardant wood is created by applying a chemical preservative to the wood that slows down the process of oxidation that occurs when the wood is burned. In effect, the wood will burn more slowly.

This slowed spread of fire offers many safety benefits. For one, because the fire will take longer to spread, emergency services will have more time to get to the fire and contain it. In effect, the fire can be maintained sooner, resulting in less fire damage. Another benefit of having fire retardant wood is that if a fire is to occur, inhabitants of the building will have more time to safely evacuate the building. These extra moments that fire retardant lumber allows for could be the difference between life and death. That is why it is so important to use fire retardant wood. The safety that it brings is unparalleled.

Flameproof Companies offers a full line of FlameTech fire retardant treated lumber. These products come with a warranty, and can be used in any way that untreated wood is used. For more information, call us at (866) 884-7591.