Fire Retardant Wood Prices


Chicago Flameproof offers affordable fire retardant wood prices as well as delivery throughout the United States. We stock FlameTech and FSC treated lumber, and we also stock exterior fire retardant wood products. Request a quote today for pricing on these products as well as our other building materials.

Our fire retardant lumber has been treated with preservatives that slow down the burning process that lumber undergoes when it unfortunately catches fire. A slower burning process can mean significantly less damage, which means less money to be spent on repairs. Most importantly, it means that those who may be inside the building during a fire will have more time to safely evacuate than they would if they were in a building that was not responsibly built with fire retardant lumber. If this isn’t reason enough to use fire retardant lumber, Chicago Flameproof’s low fire retardant wood prices make the choice even more compelling!

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