Fire Treated Exterior Plywood



Fire treated exterior plywood and lumber is generally used for areas of a building that receive the most exposure to the harsh elements, including high humidity. Fire treated exterior lumber can help to reduce the amount of damage that may occur if a fire is to break out, as it is fire resistant.

Flameproof Companies offers a line of exterior fire retardant wood products. These products can be used in any way that untreated wood is used. Some common applications include siding, decks, balconies, and stairs.

Flameproof Companies’ exterior fire treated plywood and wood have a clear finish that can be painted with a latex-based paint or stained with a water-based stain. The products are manufactured at our Chicagoland facility, but are available for immediate shipment for orders of any size. We even offer onsite delivery for customers across the nation.

Although our products are fire resistant, they are not rot resistant. They will generally not last as long as products used in outdoor applications that are treated with preservatives. Therefore, we recommend using cedar fire resistant exterior plywood, as cedar is naturally rot resistant.

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