Fire Treated Lumber Prices

Looking for affordable fire treated lumber prices for your next building project? Turn to Chicago Flameproof. We offer top quality fire retardant lumber at affordable prices, and we ship our products throughout the United States. Request a quote today!

Our Fire Retardant Lumber Options

We offer FlameTech fire retardant lumber, which can be used in any way that untreated lumber is used. FlameTech wood has been treated with preservatives that make it fire retardant, which means it will burn more slowly than untreated wood in the unfortunate case of a fire (which means less damage and less costly repairs). FlameTech wood is also mold and termite resistant.

In addition to FlameTech fire retardant lumber, we also offer FSC lumber that we treat with the MicroPro™ MCA™ fire retardant application. Exterior FRT is  also available as well. You can get pricing on these products by filling out our quote request form or calling us at (866) 884-7594.

Get a Low Quote on Fire Treated Lumber Prices

Fill out a quote request form or call us at (866) 884-7591 to get a quote with great fire treated lumber prices from Chicago Flameproof. You can also reach our Wisconsin location at (866) 884-7593, our Texas location at (866) 884-7594, or our Pacific location at (971) 600-7570.

Don’t start another construction project without responsible building products. Order your fire retardant lumber today!