Fire Treated Lumber


Everyone knows that wood burns very quickly, which can cause many safety issues. This has been a major concern for many contractors who use the material in constructing their buildings. In response to this problem, many contractors are using fire treated lumber. This ensures that if a building is to catch fire, there will only be minimal damage to the building. Because fire treated lumber eases so many safety concerns, many cities’ building codes require it to be used in a building’s construction.

Fire treated lumber is important for a number of reasons. For one, it helps to contain the spread of fire. This is a great advantage because it helps to make sure that neighboring buildings or structures do not catch fire as well. Fire treated lumber can also restrain the spread of smoke, which is not only good for everyone’s health, but for the environment’s as well. Finally, one of the major reasons fire treated lumber is so important is because it increases the amount of time people have to evacuate a burning building. Fire retardant lumber slows the oxidation process when the wood catches fire. This makes the wood burn at a much slower pace. Because the fire and smoke spread more slowly, people will have more time to safely exit a building made of fire retardant treated lumber.

Fire treated lumber can be used in any way that untreated wood is used. The only difference between the two types is that the fire treated lumber is soaked in a chemical preservative that helps it become fire resistant. Using fire retardant lumber is a way to build responsibly. Building owners who use this kind of lumber prove their dedication to everyone’s safety as well as the health of the environment. It’s truly a responsible way to build.