Fire Treated Studs


When constructing your building or project, make sure to use fire treated studs to protect you and your building against fire damage. Fire treated studs burn more slowly than untreated studs, which can minimize the amount of damage the building experiences as well as giving occupants of a building more time to safely evacuate, which can save lives.

But don’t just use fire treated studs to protect your building against fires and their devastating effects. Make sure to use fire retardant products for your entire project, and let Flameproof Companies help!

Flameproof Companies has convenient locations throughout the United States in Texas, Illinois, Oregon and Wisconsin. To make it as easy as possible for our customers to obtain the products they need for responsible construction, we offer onsite product delivery to locations throughout the nation.

Let Flameproof Companies help you obtain the products you need to create a safe and responsibly constructed building. For more information on our products and services or to request a quote, please contact us today at (866) 884-7591.