Fire Treated Wood Trusses


Wood trusses are used in structural framing systems to make many different kinds of large building components and are often used to build floors and ceilings. Generally, wood trusses are used in the construction of homes and steel trusses are used for commercial buildings.

Because wood trusses are so important to a building’s structure, it is important to use materials that can help protect the building against damage. For example, fire treated wood trusses serve the same function as untreated wood, but it is burns more slowly than untreated wood.  This slowed burning process offers many safety benefits. For one, it allows a fire to be caught at an earlier stage, minimizing the amount of fire damage the building experiences. This potentially minimized damage can save a building owner money by minimizing the amount of repairs that are needed. Additionally, and more importantly, the slowed burning process gives occupants of the building more time to safely evacuate, which can ultimately save lives.

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