Fire Treated Wood



Did you know that using fire treated wood is one of the best ways to protect a structure from fire damage? Chemical preservatives that are applied to the fire treated wood help slow the oxidization process that occurs when wood is burned. In effect, the wood burns at a much slower pace than it would if it had been left untreated. Because these chemical preservatives slow the burning process, more time can be spent safely evacuating a building if it is to catch fire. In effect, fire treated wood creates a safer building.

Though fire treated wood can defend a building against fire, it also has many other benefits. For one, the chemical preservative that is applied to the wood to create the fire resistance also creates a resistant to fungi that may cause damage to the wood. Additionally, this preservative also protects the wood against insects that may try to eat away at the wood.

Flameproof Companies offer many different kinds of fire treated wood. They believe that every building should be constructed with fire treated wood so that the highest standards of safety are upheld. So to make obtaining the fire treated wood more convenient, Flameproof Companies will deliver it to construction sites across the nation.