Flameproof Wood


Flameproof wood is vital to creating a sustainable building that is safe and fire resistant. Fire retardant wood burns more slowly than untreated wood, which offers many benefits. The first benefit is that it minimizes the amount of damage that the building will experience, as the fire can be caught and maintained at an earlier stage. The other, and most important, benefit is that it gives occupiers more time to safely evacuate. The extra moments this feature provides can ultimately save lives.

Flameproof Companies strives to make sure that it is easy for clients to obtain flameproof wood and other responsible construction materials. To do so, the company offers onsite delivery to locations throughout the United States for product orders of any size. In addition, the company has convenient locations in in Illinois, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin. For more information or to request a quote, please contact Flameproof Companies at (866) 884-7591.