FRS Lumber


FRS lumber is a lumbering product that is a must in your next building project. Its balance between durability and beauty is unlike any other product in the lumber market. With FRS lumber, constructing your building project can become your next greatest venture.

Flameproof Companies has been supplying businesses with great lumbering products for over forty years, and are still continuing this legacy through to today. By blending our expertise in lumbering and our drive to serve, we have created Flameproof Companies. Our drive to help and serve our clients is within our company and throughout all of our employees. With Flameproof Companies, the time between you and your success is minimized.

Flameproof Companies supplies its customers with FRS lumber because we only serve our clients with the best the business has to offer. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you throughout the whole building process. Whether it be answering questions or searching for that perfect type of lumber, we are here for you. So don’t start your next building project without Flameproof Companies or you may miss out on great prices and great guidance from a company who puts the customer first.

For any questions about FRS lumber of Flameproof Companies, please call us at (866) 844-7591.