FRT Exterior Treated


FRT exterior treated wood is a great material to choose when starting a building project. It can be used the same way regular wood is used, but it has been treated with fire retardant preservatives. This means that in the unfortunate case of a building fire, this wood would burn more slowly than untreated wood would burn, which grants more time for the fire to be put out. This could prevent extra damage from happening to the building’s exterior as well as its interior!

Why would anyone choose to use untreated wood when FRT exterior treated wood is available? Chicago Flameproof carries a full line of FRT exterior treated wood! Make sure you are building with quality materials and purchase your FRT exterior treated wood through Chicago Flameproof today! Not only is our company FSC Certified, but we also ship anywhere in the United States!

If you have any questions regarding our FRT exterior treated wood and/or our company, please feel free to give us a call! We are located in four different states. You can contact us at our Chicago location at (866) 884-7591, at our Wisconsin location at (866) 884-7593, at our Lake Oswego, OR office at (971) 600-7570, or at our North Texas location at (866) 884-7594.