FRT Plywood


When building, it is important to make the necessary upgrade to fire retardant products and purchase FRT plywood. It would be devastating to spend so much time and money on a building only for it to unfortunately catch fire and burn down because it was not made with fire retardant products. You do not need to worry though. Here at Chicago Flameproof, we always have a full line of FRT plywood in stock. Our plywood is fire retardant and can still be painted or stained.

Make sure you are starting off on the right foot and choose to build with our FRT plywood today! No matter what you are building, fire retardant products are a must. That is why we want to make procuring our products easy for you. We ship our products nationwide and even provide onsite and on time delivery.

For more information on our FRT plywood and/or if you have any questions, please feel free to give us here at Chicago Flameproof a call today at 866.884.7594!