FSC Certified Fire Treated Lumber


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is the highest standard of lumber certification that a lumber provider can obtain. As well as regular lumber, FSC certified fire treated lumber is high end wood that can be trusted for building purposes. The FSC certification mark allows the customer to trust the supplier and buy in to a commitment of excellence. FSC certified fire treated lumber provides the consumer with a reliable foundation that can withstand unpredictable accidents. By constructing buildings with FSC certified fire treated lumber, you allow your building to be protected against unexpected damages.

Flameproof Companies is a supplier of FSC certified fire treated lumber that has been a part of the building process for many buildings around the United States. As one of the nation’s leading FSC certified fire treated lumber providers, Chicago Flameproof (CFP) has been a trusted lumber supplier since 1971.

Fire repairs are time consuming and costly, and they take away time from more important business tasks. Take the next step, and create a foundation for your building with FSC certified fire treated lumber. With Flameproof Companies, you’ll be ready for any fire accident that might come your way.

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