FSC Certified Lumber


FSC certified lumber is a product Chicago Flameproof prides itself on providing for customers.  Since 1971, Flameproof Companies has manufactured fire retardant wood and soon became one of the first treated lumber manufacturers in the country to become FSC certified.

Chicago Flameproof stocks a wide variety of FSC certified lumber such as boards, plywood, and heavy timbers.  FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, is a group that inspects lumber to see if it meets certain criteria that allows for it to be labeled environmentally friendly.  The lumber comes from a “well-managed” forest which allows for sturdy, durable wood to be produced.  FSC certified lumber comes directly from the mills and is treated to become fire retardant.  By working directly with the provider, Chicago Flameproof is able to provide a quick turnaround on all orders.

By purchasing FSC certified lumber, customers can build their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. LEED credits are to distinguishing how environmentally friendly a business is.  Other criteria that is taken into consideration is location; air quality, including indoor and outdoor air; and water and energy efficiency.

In addition to having locations in Wisconsin, Texas, and Wisconsin, Flameproof Companies also offers onsite delivery. For more on any of Flameproof Companies products or locations, please call (866) 884-7591.