FSC Treated Wood


Flameproof Companies has been supplying customers with FSC treated wood for over forty years. FSC treated wood is regarded as one of the best types of wood in the lumber business. With FSC treated wood, you can ensure that the foundations of your business are going to last. Flameproof Companies makes sure that the lumber you are using is FSC treated wood, which helps protect your wood against fire and past damages.

Our passion here at Flameproof Companies is supplying our clients with the best wood in the business. That’s why we only supply our customers with FSC treated wood. Our knowledgeable staff will help you throughout the process of choosing the perfect type of FSC treated wood. This FSC treated wood will not only mimic the hard work and stability that is your company, but also the right choices you have made throughout the process. Our staff is happy to guide you and your company through the purchasing process. Answering questions that regard Flameproof Companies and the products that we supply is something we take seriously.

For any questions about FSC treated wood or about Flameproof Companies, please call us at (866) 884-7591.