FSC Wood


Flameproof Companies has a passion for supplying our clients with FSC wood, which has the highest grade amongst lumber products. FSC wood is not only reliable, but also unique and independent. With FSC wood, your company can be upheld with the best type of wood in the lumber market and remain innovative.

FSC wood is regarded as one of the best types of lumber in the business. By having wood stamped with the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, Flameproof Companies is not only supplying its customers with high-grade wood, but also with excellence beyond belief.

Flameproof Companies’ staff offers knowledge and assistance that prospective clients cannot get anywhere else. The passion to serve and supply is within every staff member. From the forklift operator to the sales rep, our team offers an unique buying experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Our staff will not only guide you through the purchasing process, but will also answer any questions you, the purchaser, may have concerning FSC wood or any of our other lumber products. Let our assistance be the difference that takes your company from mediocre to incredible.

For any questions regarding Flameproof Companies or FSC wood in general, please call us at (866)-884-7591.