LEED Certified Materials


Maximize your Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)  credits with Flameproof Companies’ LEED certified materials. As a leading provider of FSC and LEED certified materials, Flameproof Companies is able to provide companies with the materials they need to create safe buildings that adhere to many of the rigorous building requirements held by their local building codes.

By using LEED certified products, companies are not only choosing to be environmentally friendly and adhere to building codes, but also are creating a positive public image for themselves as an environmentally friendly company working toward a greener future. Flameproof Companies’ LEED certified materials can help businesses meet these objectives and work toward environmental friendly orientated goals. In order to keep costs and prices low, Flameproof Companies waits until an order has been received to fire treat the lumber.

Flameproof Companies will do its best to ensure that you have easy access to LEED certified materials you need for your construction projects. If your business isn’t located near any of Flameproof Companies’ locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Oregon or Texas, don’t worry! Flameproof Companies offers onsite product delivery to locations throughout the United States.

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