LEED Certified Materials


The Green Movement is something that is taking the building industry by storm. LEED certified materials are growing more and more popular, and business owners are starting to catch on. With LEED certified materials, business owners are becoming more conscious about their responsibility to the environment and surrounding communities.

LEED is a third-party organization that’s centered around the idea of providing businesses with green-alternatives. By supplying LEED certified materials, Flameproof Companies has created one of many green options that allows business owners to not only focus on their business, but also on their social responsibility to the surrounding environment

Flameproof Companies has supplied its customers with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber and LEED certified materials, which are the leading certifications in the lumber industry.

With Flameproof Companies’ products you can be assured that your building has been built with the leading products in the lumber market. With our help, your business will not only look professional, but also display social responsibility.

With LEED certified materials, new green alternatives are open to your business. Let us help you pave the way to a greener tomorrow. For questions regarding Flameproof Companies or its LEED certified materials, please call us today at (866) 844-7591.