Having a LEED MR5.2 is a big deal in the building industry due to its certification stating that your building project is environmentally friendly. LEED stands for, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and having your project being LEED MR5.2 certified is great.

Flameproof Companies has been supplying companies with lumbering products for over forty years and is continuing to do so. With its clientele base growing every year and introducing new products, Flameproof Companies continues to be a leading provider of LEED products. Now, with everything being more environmental conscious, Flameproof Companies is supplying LEED MR5.2 certified lumber that will not only be sustainable, but also environmentally friendly. With our help your next building project can help your company in becoming a greener company that operates with greener, healthier products for the environment.

Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with all your purchases and inquiries. Providing excellence to all of our customers is our passion. Let us help you by providing LEED MR5.2 certified lumber to your next building project. With a passion to lead and serve, providing LEED MR5.2 products is a perfect line of products for us to offer to our customers.

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