MCA Lumber Treatment


An MCA lumber treatment can transform your lumber into a new type of wood that can withstand decay and termites for years. This treatment will provide a lasting foundation for your building. Flameproof Companieshas been working hard for over forty years to provide customers with lumber and lumber treatment that will withstand through the ages.

With our help, the search for the right lumber treatment can cease. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in every stage of the buying process. From answering questions to offering advice, our staff is here for you. The customer comes first in our eyes, and if we are not satisfying our customers needs, then we are not doing our job right.

With an MCA lumber treatment the wood that is acting as the foundation of your building can become a bionic structure for your company. Not only are you shopping for potential foundation materials for a building, but you’re also shopping for the future of your company. The foundations of your building will reflect directly what your company will achieve. So start it out right and invest in Flameproof Companies’ MCA lumber treatment. You will not be dissatisfied.

For any questions about Flameproof Companies or MCA lumber treatment itself, please call us at (866)-884-7591.