MCA Lumber


Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) lumber is a new way to preserve your lumber. MCA lumber is becoming more popular within the construction and building processes for leading businesses. MCA lumber has a lower amount of volatile organic compounds than other types of wood and lumber. Building with MCA lumber is a more conservative and green alternative that will promote your corporate social responsibility for the surrounding communities and the world itself.

Flameproof Companies only supplies clients with the best type of lumber in the business. With MCA lumber, your buildings will be able to stand up against rot, decay and termites for many years.

MCA lumber can be used for residential, commercial and industrial avenues and can be placed above ground: and can also withstand fresh water immersion and a salt water splash zone. This superior preservative can be easily stained or painted to look elegant and classy while still getting the job done. Flameproof Companies offers a lifetime limited warranty for MCA lumber.

Flameproof Companies has been serving and providing different types of businesses for over forty years and have continually supplied companies with the most innovative lumber in the business.

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