MCA Preservative


MCA preservative is a new, innovative way to ensure that your wood can withstand any type of condition. By using micronized copper azole, the wood transforms into a type of lumber that can be implemented in differing categories from commercial to residential.

Flameproof Companies has been supplying businesses with the top-of-the-line lumber for over forty years. With the MCA preservative, companies can assure that their buildings are unfaltering and can withstand various conditions that may come about in any type of region.

Flameproof Companies want to assure that your company is being built with the best types of lumber that are present in the business. Our supportive staff will not only answer questions about our lumber, but will also guide you through the purchasing process and will ensure that you are getting the best price. By providing our customers with the best price we create a safer tomorrow.

MCA preservative is a new green movement that is becoming more popular within the business world. Using MCA preservative betters your company because it promotes a greener tomorrow. With our professional help your business can become one of the leading companies in your surrounding community.

For any questions regarding Flameproof Companies or about MCA preservative, please call us at (866)-884-7591.