MCA Treated Fire Rated Lumber



MCA treated fire rated lumber is becoming the most-talked about lumber in the industry.  The prestigious mark of ‘MCA’ and the fact that the lumber is flameproof is the reason why there is such a buzz about this product.

Flameproof Companies has been manufacturing fire retardant and preservative treated lumber and plywood for over forty years. Due to its drive to succeed and the passion to commit Flameproof Companies has been excelling.

The MCA treatment is also something to be talked about due to the fact that it has revolutionized the lumber industry. With an MCA treatment on your lumber, your wood could go from unstable to extremely durable. MCA treated wood is something you can put your trust in due to its unbelievable durability and stability.

Now add the durability of MCA lumber to an already, uniquely constructed, fire rated lumber, and you get the astonishing MCA treated fire rated lumber. This lumber could be regarded as the next up-and-coming trend that all contractors are building with just because of its resistance to failure. There is no reason why one should choose another type of lumber over MCA treated fire rated lumber.

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