Plywood LEED Certified


Are you looking for plywood LEED certified products? If so, that is a great choice! Why would anyone choose to build with regular plywood products when you can purchase plywood that is LEED certified? They not only lower your operating costs and increase the value of your assets, but they are also healthier and safer for the occupants inside the building! On top of that, building with these products can also qualify you for incentives, such as tax rebates.

Chicago Flameproof sells plywood LEED certified products that are appropriate for any building project! With these products, your building will not only be durable, but it will also be made from plywood that was treated with fire resistant preservatives. This treatment causes the wood to burn more slowly in the unfortunate case that the building ever catches on fire. And because it burns more slowly, it allows for more time for the fire to be put out before more damage can occur!

If you have any questions regarding our plywood LEED certified products, please give Chicago Flameproof a call today! You can reach us at our Chicagoland location at (866) 884-7591.