Interior Fire Retardant Treated Wood

FlameTech™ Fire Retardant Treated Wood is a pressure-impregnated, code-compliant, fire retardant treated wood product that is highly effective in reducing the spread of flames and smoke development caused by fire. Your structure deserves high-performance!

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FlameTech™ Interior FRTW (fire retardant treated wood) lumber and plywood meets the requirements for FRTW as listed in ICC AC66 and complies with all parts of Section 2303.2 of the IBC (International Building Code) 2015, 2012, 2009, and Section R802.1.5 of the IRC for use as Interior FRTW where required by code (ASTM E84 extended & ASTM E2768), and has also been tested for fire-resistance and as a component of a building materials assembly (ASTM E119) providing certified & listed 1- & 2-Hr Fire-Rated Exterior Load Bearing Wall Assemblies (100% design load – no mineral wool required).

FlameTech™ FRTW lumber and plywood is kiln-dried after treatment (KDAT) to a moisture content of 19% for lumber and 15% for plywood. Solid dimensional lumber ranging from 2×4 to 2×16 inches in Southern Pine, Douglas Fir, SPF and other wood species as #2 and higher grades. Structural plywood in Douglas Fir, Southern Pine & Elliotis Pine ranging from 15/32 to 1-1/8 inches C-D Exposure 1 and higher grades.

FlameTech™ FRTW plywood may be used as a component of a shear wall following the AWC Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS) Section 4.2 and 4.3, or IBC Section 2306.2 and 2306.3, provided, in either case, the nominal panel thickness is increased by 1/8 inch for the tabulated allowable shear values.


FlameTech™ FRTW is recognized by building codes as an alternative to other construction materials which are classified as noncombustible. Because of this, FlameTech™ gives builders and architects flexibility in design for both residential and commercial projects.

FlameTech™ FRTW lumber and plywood products have been tested, certified, and listed with Intertek Laboratories (Listing 720035) & QAI Laboratories (Listing B1093-1), both of which are prominent, internationally accredited testing agencies.



FlameTech FRTW lumber and plywood is manufactured by licensed and listed manufacturers operating in strict compliance with Intertek inspection & audit services ongoing Quality Control (QC) monitoring program and Timber Products Inspection (TPI) provides ongoing, random follow-up inspections to assure compliance with AWPA standards for fire retardant treatment and the required quality control metrics for fire retardant chemical & physical treating parameters and kiln drying. This monitoring program is in addition to the Intertek and QAI follow-up requirements for listing. Approved FlameTech FRTW manufacturers are listed here on page 6.