Sustain Lumber


Sustain lumber is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that it can withstand many weather conditions. With its natural color and easy paint-ability, sustain lumber is very versatile for both commercial and residential uses.

With sustain lumber the chances of corrosion decreases exponentially. This lumber can be used for interior and exterior above ground, ground contact, and fresh water immersion. With a wide range of uses, sustain lumber is the lumber of choice for your next building project.

Let our knowledgable staff help answer questions or assist you with any needs. With the guidance and advice of our staff, our customers leave feeling satisfied. We will work on your time and at your own pace because we know that setting the foundations of your building is a process.

Explain to us what you need and we will provide you with it. Our sustain lumber is exceptional and provides a durable foundation for any project. With Flameproof Companies, a relationship is built between customer and provider. To us your not just a potential customer, you’re a potential investment that can play host to a wonderful relationship.

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